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CyberSecurity Breaks into New Market – Retail


A leading and reputable Cybersecurity company founded in 2008, spent 5 years trying to gain entry into the retail market but had no success. CWMG helped them break into the market within one week of running a targeted online advertising.

How did we do it?

Our team conducted a thorough market research and the breakthrough strategy was a result of analysing an indirect competitor. Based on our findings, we were able to create a unique selling point which would attract the retail market and give them a competitive advantage. Using the latest growth hacking lead generation techniques, our client had the opportunity to schedule a meeting with 3 major retailers worth more than £5 million. Talk about being a game changer!

SaaS company leads increase by 2300% – In 1 Month

A Construction Start-up SaaS company needed to raise capital to fund, grow and scale their business. To show their investors that there is a market demand for their service, they needed to increase their monthly conversions.

How did we do it?

We developed a 5 week campaign, which included 2 split a/b testing per week. Each week we were able to optimise the performance of campaign and advertising spend. By the 5th week, our team was able to attain 92 qualified leads in one month, which was 2300% increase from any previous monthly campaign our client had done.

Start-up raised capital by being market-ready

A Start-up technology company was struggling to raise capital to fund their business. No one could remember their business name nor understand what they do.

How did we do it?

Our team gathered conducted a 5 hour workshop that helped define the mission, brand, customer profile and business objectives. Through this exercise, the two Founders realised they both had a different vision and by the end of the workshop they were able to align their vision together.

Our team also helped refine their product offering through an in-depth market research. We developed a marketing strategy and tested the market to prove to investors there is demand in the market.

Once the mission, brand and product offering was defined, we also helped them create an investor deck and trained them to pitch professionally. A few months later they raised half a million pounds.

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