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Why Your Identity Matters To Us

As some of you may be aware, I have been providing personal and business coaching for over 10+ years. I’ve helped soo many women from different ages and backgrounds reach their full potential. Every time I would witness them feeling empowered or inspired, the sparkle in their eyes would fulfil my life’s purpose. 


The lead up to take this decision took several weeks. I had to redo my entire business model and website, as I was initially offering marketing and advertising services. During those weeks, I was torn between my passion for coaching, branding and marketing, as I was struggling to identify the connection between them. I knew the answer would solidify my brand identity.

I spent many nights searching for the answer and felt frustrated as it didn’t come to me immediately, but I could feel it was close to my fingertips. 

The answer came to me in my dream, and I instantly woke up and captured it in my notebook. The answer I was searching for was in front of me the entire time, and it wasn’t as complicated as I had made it seem. 

The connection between the coaching, branding and marketing came down to slightly amending my existing mission. I realised that my mission has and will always be to help individuals and companies create a compelling identity. 

Having an identity is not only crucial to brands but also for individuals. People and brands that truly understand and communicate their purpose and values, not only can they reach their full potential, but they can also be the ones that create the most impact in communities.  

Therefore, it will be my companies mission to ensure we help individuals and companies create and communicate who they are and want they represent. Our service offerings will now focus on the following three propositions:

  • Personal Life Coaching, 
  • Executive & Individual Branding 
  • Company Branding and Marketing 

If you are an individual or company that needs help with creating a compelling identity, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m offering a free 1hr coaching or branding session to anyone interested. 

If you would like to learn more about my coaching service or would like to spread the word, please see below a link to my coaching page: https://cwmgdigitalagency.com/personal-life-coaching/

Kind regards, 


Julia Afdasta, Director
E: [email protected]

Julia Afdasta

Director of CWMG Digital Agency

E: [email protected]

Her Career

Julia Afdasta, Founder of CWMG Digital Agency Ltd has over 15+ years of international B2B, B2C and D2C marketing and branding experience. Julia has always used digital and traditional marketing channels to target her client’s prospects and customers in local or international regions.

As a brand marketing strategist and agency owner, her number one goal is to align marketing and branding strategies with her client’s business goals, mission and budget.

“If you want to succeed and stay competitive become your customer.”

Her Story

“From the time I was 11 years old until I was 17, I suffered silently from severe insecurity and low self-esteem, as a result of my parent’s hostile divorce and going through years of poverty.
During those periods, the family dynamics and environment was extremely unhealthy and unstable, which had a massive impact on my mental and emotional well-being. I was always criticised and put down for my efforts in trying to please my parents, which caused me to feel insecure and critical of myself.

I couldn’t do simple daily activities, as I lacked the courage, motivation and belief in myself. I would inflict self-abuse, run away from trusting anyone, being in abusive relationships and immersing myself in negativity all day, every day. I didn’t know how to feel safe or feel loved. My life transformed when I found a Life Coach, who helped me see the good in me and my full potential. For me, it took several months to overcome my low self-confidence, belief and hatred.

I was taught and given new tools to change my thoughts, behaviours and patterns that were holding me back. I started to speak up and stand more confident in my beliefs. I began to feel something magical and empowering within my body, mind and soul. It felt like I was learning how to crawl, walk and run again.

From the age of 19, I started my own business, and for several years I volunteered in sheltered homes and poverty programs to help women and girls feel confident and love themself. I would share my story and inspire them not to give up and empower them to transform their lives and the way they tell their story. I could sense the hope and belief they began to have with their eyes and energy, which gave birth to my life’s purpose and passion. I truly and deeply love making a positive difference in people’s lives, and when I see them reach their full potential, I want nothing more because I have achieved my heart’s desire.

Today, I am proud to state that I was lucky that I had invested in my personal development by trusting my life coach. Without the help of my life coach, I would have never reached my full potential nonetheless helped the many individuals and companies I did over the years.”

Client Testimonials

“Julia is an incredibly positive, professional and passionate person who thrives on challenge and delivers amazing results often (in my experience) from a very limited briefing! She has the full array of marketing skills which have helped favourably reposition a number of my accounts both locally in the UK and in growing international markets where her insights and support proved invaluable. .”  
Managing Director - Insurtech

“The team always provide above and beyond support for our projects. CWMG get results, and is a pleasure to work with them! They are highly knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to enhance their brand and marketing goals.”    
VP - FinTech

“The team’s drive and initiative to learn not only about the inner workings of our business, but also their attention to detail and efforts to become familiar with competitors within the same marketplace allowed them to play an integral role in the coordination and successful updating our brand and competitive advantage. The CEO’s passion, creativeness and thoroughness in the projects/clients she undertakes makes her service a valuable asset in any setting.”
Director - Energy/Oil

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